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About CounselorEd.com

CounselorEd.com is the online educational site for the Center for Training, Education and Credentialing, LLC. It is becoming a new leader in training for therapists, counselors and other helpers. Courses are developed and taught by leaders in their respective areas. We will exceed your expectations!

Impressive Courses

CounselorEd.com has visual appealing and professional built online courses for all your training and educational needs.

Online Convenience

There is no need to travel to a conference and spend hundreds of dollars for gas, airfare, hotel and food. Just sit back and relax!

Instant CE Certificates

CounselorEd.com awards badges, medals and other rewards as they complete sections in the course. CE Certificates can be printed instantly

Built by Counseling Experts

CounselorEd.com courses have been carefully developed by Counseling and Behavioral Health experts to give you a great educational experience.

Online courses are web-based courses where you can go at your own pace as long as you complete within the generous time frame. There are no set times that you must be logged into the course. Your payment for online courses includes any associated files and the test(s) for the program. Once you have completed your course, you can instantly print off your CE certificate. Please read the CE credit information for each course and check with your licensure board to determine if a CE credentials applies for your profession.
A Certificate of Completion of Continuing Education hours will be issued if you have complied with and completed all required lessons and other course elements. You must attend the entire course to receive full credit.
You can register for courses securely online or by telephone with a credit card. You may also use PayPal.
No; CounselorEd.com and the Center for Training, Education and Credentialing, LLC. will never sell your information.

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