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This is a web-based training led by Dr. Martin C. Wesley, Former Kentucky LPC Board member and former Board Chair. This training, consisting of three modules for a total of 15 hours and covers the statutes and regulations controlling the practice of licensed professional counselors in regard to supervision, covering KRS 335.525(1), 335.525(2), 201:KAR 36:005, 201:KAR 36:060, 201:KAR 36:065.

What will you learn?

  • Have the knowledge to operate with an awareness that the supervisory relationship is key to the effectiveness of supervision as well as the growth and development of the supervisee.
  • Be able to convey to the supervisee that both the supervisor and supervisee are expected to adhere to the ethical codes and guidelines endorsed by the American Counseling Association, other ACA divisions, relevant credentialing bodies, and models of ethical behavior.
  • Understand the necessity and importance of being competent in providing clinical supervision and can clearly describe the purpose of clinical supervision and distinguish it from the counseling process as well as from administrative and program supervision
  • Recognize that all supervision is multicultural supervision and infuses multicultural considerations into his/her approach to supervision.
  • Be able to engage in sound, informed consent practices in the initial supervision session and state clear parameters for conducting supervision.
  • Understand the importance of co-developing specific goals for supervision with the supervisee, emphasizing goals that directly benefit the therapeutic alliance between the supervisee and client and the effectiveness of services provided.
  • Understand the importance of providing regular and ongoing feedback, including direct feedback as needed.
  • Have the knowledge to adhere to appropriate professional standards (e.g., accreditation, certification, and licensure regulations) in establishing the frequency and modality of supervision sessions while providing a safe, supportive and structured supervision climate with a variety of supervisory interventions.
  • Have the knowledge to maintain documentation that provides a system of supervisor accountability.
  • Understand that evaluation is fundamental to supervision and accepts his/her evaluation responsibilities, clearly communicating the evaluation plan to the supervisee and encouraging ongoing self-evaluation, taking remediation when necessary.
  • Have the knowledge to employ various supervision formats in ways that adhere to accreditation standards and regulations of credentialing bodies and that meet the needs of the supervisee, is appropriate to the site, and adequately addresses the needs of clients.
  • Understand that proper Supervisor Preparation includes having received didactic instruction and experiential training in clinical supervision. Further understanding that didactic instruction includes models of supervision; models of counselor development; formats of supervision; supervisory relationship dynamics; supervision methods and techniques; multicultural considerations; counselor assessment, feedback and evaluation; executive/administrative skills; ethical, legal and professional regulatory issues; and research on these topics. and experiential training in clinical supervision

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About the Instructors

Professor and Licensed Therapist
Dr. Martin Cortez Wesley is a seasoned professional counselor and counselor educator. He has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years. He has been a counselor educator, director, chair and/or dean of several counseling programs. He currently works as a professor for National Louis University. Dr. Wesley believes strongly in the counseling profession and has served to champion many past initiatives to bring Medicaid reimbursement and other 3rd party insurers to professional counselors. Today he is working to bring state licensing boards together to build reciprocity agreements for licensure and advocating for a counseling interstate compact agreement for licensure portability and tele-mental health services for professional counselors.


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by Jennifer Davis December 13, 2022

Very comprehensive and met expectations. Would recommend!

by Richard Wheeler August 8, 2020

This course was thorough and thought provoking. So glad I went this route for training.