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This is a web-based training led by Dr. Martin C. Wesley, Former Kentucky LPC Board member, and former Board Chair. This six-hour training covers suicide assessment including screening and referral, suicide treatment, and suicide management and meets the requirements for KRS 210.366 and 201:KAR 36:030 for Kentucky Licensed Professional Counselors

What will you learn?

  • Participants will demonstrate understanding of the terminology, prevalence and theories of suicide behavior
  • Participants will identify risk and protective factors related to suicide
  • Participants will engage in meaningful discussion of suicide and mental health issues
  • Participants will gain knowledge in service utilization and treatment seeking
  • Participants will identify issues related to vulnerable and at-risk populations
  • Participants will recognize risk and protective factors among diverse racial and ethnic groups
  • Participants will demonstrate an understanding of suicide assessment and management of suicidal clients
  • Participants will describe various treatment approaches for suicidality and therapeutic risk management
  • Participants will recognize and give examples of therapist self-care
  • Participants will discuss issues in working with survivors in the aftermath of suicide
  • Participants will gain knowledge of ethical and legal considerations

Who is your target Audience?

  • Kentucky therapists wanting to meet the requirements for KRS 210.366 and 201:KAR 36:030
  • Anyone wanting more information on Suicide Assessment, Treatment and Prevention.


  • Enroll in the Course
  • Watch the videos and read the materials
  • Take the final quiz and complete the evaluation
  • Print off your certificate



About the Instructors

Professor and Licensed Therapist
Dr. Martin Cortez Wesley is a seasoned professional counselor and counselor educator. He has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years. He has been a counselor educator, director, chair and/or dean of several counseling programs. He currently works as a professor for National Louis University. Dr. Wesley believes strongly in the counseling profession and has served to champion many past initiatives to bring Medicaid reimbursement and other 3rd party insurers to professional counselors. Today he is working to bring state licensing boards together to build reciprocity agreements for licensure and advocating for a counseling interstate compact agreement for licensure portability and tele-mental health services for professional counselors.



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